It is said relationships bring us the greatest joy and the greatest pain! Relationship Readings enable you to gain a greater insight into the dynamics involved in a particular relationship. You may choose to make the focus of your reading about a spouse or partner, relative, parent, child, friend, co-worker or business relationships, to mention a few.

In this reading, you gain an understanding from a Soul perspective of why you and another are connected and what you intended to experience or overcome. You are able to learn the blocks and restrictions or past life influences affecting your current relationship.

A Soul profile of the relationship is developed to help you understand the similarities, differences, and challenges involved. Many factors can impact or hinder the relationship, such as a shared past history or conflicting characteristics or goals, karma, and so on. Having this reading really opens your eyes to what is occurring at a deeper level and it assists you in discovering ways to improve your relationship and move forward in a more positive way.

Relationship Readings include the following:

Akashic Research with Akashic Record Guides in the Fifth Dimension

Please Note:The Akashic Research takes approximately 60 minutes and does not require ANY client participation.

  • A 60 minute consultation with client via phone/skype to explain the findings. You will also be able to ask questions and receive information from your Guides regarding your present life.
  • A recording of the entire consultation will be provided in either an MP3/CD format.