In this free-flowing reading, Ahni uses her experience and expertise to connect with spiritual sources. These sources include her Higher Self/Soul, her Guides and Helpers, your Soul and Spirit Guides, and the Highest Realm.

Ordinarily, at the beginning of the reading, Ahni brings through information that those in the Highest Realm wish to impart to you. Invariably, the information is very pertinent to the primary reason you invested in a reading.

On occasion, a client’s loved ones may enter the reading to make their presence known or share information. These interactions can be profoundly healing and meaningful for the client and are welcomed.

Ahni is happy to take any questions you may have and seek a response from the Highest Realm, provided time permits.

Psychic Readings include the following:
A 60 minute consultation with you via phone/skype.
A recording of the entire reading in either MP3/CD format