Background: Ahni was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and later attended the University of Louisville in Kentucky where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree in Math Education, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Administration. She later earned a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and is an ordained minister. She has always participated in sports and while at the University of Louisville lettered in tennis and field hockey. She has been an avid runner most of her adult life. While living in Kentucky, she was awarded the honor of becoming a Kentucky Colonel.

Her professional career began as a middle and high school teacher. During that time she taught mathematics, English, physical education, and creative writing. While working as a graduate assistant at the university she supervised student teachers and taught part time for the Mathematics Department. When she returned to Florida, she taught as an adjunct professor in the mathematics department at the Florida Community College at Jacksonville.

Spiritual Background: Ahni was on a traditional teaching path until about thirty years ago, when she had a number of profound psychic experiences and realized she was destined to follow in the footsteps of her English grandmother who had been a medium that taught mediumship.

She has studied psychic phenomenon and mediumship at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, England. She has studied with numerous teachers at the A.F.C. and in additional programs with Paul Jacobs, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Mavis Patilla, and Sharon Klingler. Over the years, Ahni has become an international psychic medium and channel. She has channeled two advanced and digitally recorded notices of world disasters that subsequently occurred as described. She is the author of seven books and has also written and recorded the meditation CD entitled Your Soul Knows. Her first channeled spiritual books were The Message in 2008 and The God Magic Within You in 2010.

Mystery Writing: When she left her teaching career, she followed her dream of being an author and her first published book, Beyond the Road, won three literary awards, which were the 2006 Book of the Year Award; First Place Young Adult and Children’s Literature from the Florida Writers’ Association, and the Mayhaven Award for Fiction. She has been a mystery writer for years and while living in Jacksonville, Florida she founded the Florida First Coast Sisters in Crime group that supports women mystery writers. Through that organization she had the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles and pitch her young adult book to Sony Pictures. She is presently writing an adult murder mystery entitled Everyone Buries Something that is based upon the true story of a neighbor who buried a 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle in his backyard.

Spiritual Books: In 2008 Ahni began channeling spiritual/metaphysical books. At the beginning of 2008 she channeled the book entitled The Message. This book was a unique collaboration by Archangels, Masters and Teachers of the Highest Realm, designed to help us understand how insensitively we are treating one another and how it was time for change. The second book, The God Magic Within You, is a journey into the heart where readers learn how to live a more conscious and heart-centered life. The Journey Home is an allegory and her most recent channeled and published book.

Readings: Ahni does various types of readings for clients from Psychic Readings to more in-depth readings such as Akashic Record Readings, Life Lesson Readings, Life Situation Readings, Spirit Guide Readings, and Relationship Readings. The readings focus on helping clients understand their life purpose, obtain clarity, understand why issues are occurring in their lives, and how they can ameliorate them. The information provided by her Guides and Masters in the Highest Realm focuses upon everyday life, future goals and events, and spiritual growth. Her strengths are her psychic abilities, spirit communication, shamanism, and Seidr.

Seidrwoman: In recent years Ahni’s spirit guides and teachers have taught her Seidr, an ancient and powerful form of Native English and Northern European shamanism and divination. As a Seidrwoman, she has been taught how to access certain realms that enable her to step into and glimpse the past and the future for the purpose of obtaining information. (Seidr is pronounced ‘Say-th’ and means ‘a sitting to speak to the spirits’.)

Shaman: Ahni has an extensive background in shamanic energy healing and co-founded Mountain Mystery School where she taught a shamanic training program for a number of years. She finds the shamanic medicine practices used by indigenous healers for thousands of years profoundly powerful. Her quest for this timeless wisdom has taken her to Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Europe, Canada, England, Holland, and the western United States. She has worked with teachers from various Native American cultures in the United States as well as a Salish medicine woman in Canada. Ahni has completed a structured training and master’s program in Shamanism in the Inca tradition with advanced training in Soul Retrievals. She is a full mesa carrier and a member of The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. In addition to the training program, she teaches a one-day workshop entitled, ‘An Introduction to the World of the Shaman.’

Prophecy: Through her connection with the Highest Realm Ahni was given advanced notice of two disasters that subsequently occurred and were digitally recorded. The first was Cyclone Nargis in 2008 that occurred in Burma, the land now known as Myanmar, and the second was the Great Sichuan Earthquake that occurred in 2008 in the Sichuan Province of China.

A new prophecy has now been received and is described in the Time of the In-Breath, which is a book she has channeled, but not yet published. This prophecy tells of an event to come that will potentially have a far-reaching impact on other regions of the world.

Personal: Ahni is a very curious person who loves to travel, learn, garden, write, and study esoteric science. She has two grown sons who live in the Louisville area and she and her husband Paul live in Keswick, Virginia on their farm called The Barking Frog Farm. They have a cat named Kumi, dog named Gracie, and two llamas named Bail and Gaius.

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