Are the readings recorded and how do I get the recording?
Yes, the readings are recorded and sent according to your request. They can be emailed as an MP3 file or saved to a CD and shipped. Just let us know which you prefer.

What should I do to prepare for the reading?
It is a good idea to write down any questions you might have before the reading so you can get them answered. However, I do find that spirit often answers client’s questions before they are asked. In the excitement of all the information that flows through a question can be forgotten, so if you write it down that is less likely to happen.

Are readings done over the phone and Skype as good as those done in person?
They are. I work with the spirit realms, so there is no difference whether you are here in my office or if I am doing the reading over Skype or the telephone. It is all energy and the spirit realm. And all types of readings are recorded so you can listen again and again.

What is the difference in the types of readings?
Time of course will affect the amount of information spirit brings through. Psychic Readings are forty-five minutes and Akashic Life Readings are one hour and fifteen minutes. A lot of psychic information comes in during both readings, but more about your overall soul journey and life purpose can come in during the longer Life Reading. Also, for more details, read the descriptions for each on the Readings Page.

If I am told about something coming in the future, do I have to do it or respond in a certain way?
No, of course not. God gave you a very special gift called ‘free will’ and because of that all choices are totally up to you. This is important to understand for in life you will receive guidance from friends, coworkers, family members, and so on, and it is best to always check with your inner guidance to see how that information resonates or feels. Your body is like a barometer and it will never lie to you. So just see how the guidance resonates and make your own decisions. It’s just nice to have an idea of what might be coming.

How soon will I know when my reading will be?
Within 24 hours after booking a reading, someone will contact you to schedule the reading. Please understand that at times there is a backlog of a several weeks, but your reading will be scheduled at the earliest time possible.

How do I pay?
The easiest way to pay is through the website when you book the reading. There you can pay by credit or debit card or by PayPal. Clients that are coming for an in-person reading and wish to pay by cash/check can do so.

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask clients to have the courtesy of giving at least a 24-hour notice of cancellation or request to reschedule or payment is forfeited. As you can understand, that appointment could have been held for someone else.

How can I learn about Ahni’s upcoming events?
Just enter your name and email address in the pop-up subscribe box and periodic announcements will let you know what books, CDs, or events are coming. We do not release your email details to anyone else. It is solely for the purpose of Ahni’s work and this site.

Can readings help with medical issues?
Any information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, and psychological or any other professional service. While I strive to use my best abilities to provide helpful psychic information, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed nor can any particular outcome be guaranteed. Please refer to my testimonials as evidence of the quality of our work. The psychic spiritual advice I give you, is there to bring guidance, clarity and direction. We all are given “free will – free choice”, therefore it is up to the client to be responsible and accountable to use the information to make decisions that best suit them in their life.