The Akashic Record is a vast energetic database that continually records your history from the moment you were created by Divine Source eons ago. It is referred to in the Bible as The Book of Life. This is the place to go when you want to understand who you are at a Soul level, why life seems like such a struggle, and what you intended to experience or achieve in this life time. When you are aligned with your Divine nature, abundance can flow. Alternatively, when you make choices that are not in alignment with your Divine nature, life can be one challenge after another. The Akashic Record Readings provide:

Soul Profile: A Soul Profile is an analysis and compilation of who you are at Soul level. It explains your Divine nature; what primary energies you are made of; your Soul group of origin; Soul specializations; how you most often incarnate; and more. Understanding your Divine nature enables you to make choices that align with who you truly are. In addition, this alignment boosts your ability to create a flow that can help you manifest the abundance you want in life.
Past Life Experiences and their influences on present lifetime
Discover Your Life Purpose
Blocks & Restrictions – Negative Thought Forms, Bindings, Contracts, Curses, Vows, Negative Karma to mention a few
Clearing of Blocks & Restrictions & Repairing the Golden Web
Personal Gifts & Attributes
Best-suited Careers
Information regarding your present life to help you understand what is happening and how to maneuver through it. Readings inspire and help you get ‘unstuck’ so you can move forward in life in the direction you want to go.

Akashic Record Readings include the following:
Akashic Research with Akashic Record Guides in the Fifth Dimension
Energetic clearing of past negative choices and influences, while leaving intact the learning experiences gained
Please Note:The Akashic Research and Energetic clearing takes approximately 90 minutes and does not require ANY client participation.