Shamanic healing is an ancient form of healing that has been in existence for over 30,000 years. It is the earliest form of energy medicine and an approach that addresses all levels, i.e., the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. A Soul Retrieval is a sacred and powerful healing technique that has been used by shaman all over the world for thousands of years.As a shamanic practitioner, Ahni is able to alter her level of consciousness to journey into other realms. In this way, her Soul is able to purposefully travel, unbounded by space and time, to retrieve ancient wisdom, lost power and Soul parts for an individual. This freedom to journey results in a Soul Retrieval being a powerful process whether it is conducted in person or remotely.

How does Soul loss occur?
There are a number of reasons why Soul loss may occur. However, a Soul piece generally leaves as a protective measure to keep you from feeling the full brunt of a trauma. Traumatic events could include: abuse, divorce, loss, or even an auto accident. Either way, Soul loss is an unconscious process. If a person suffers more than one trauma, she can reach a point where she feels numb to life itself. Or she may experience a feeling that something is ‘missing’ from life. This will be an indication of Soul loss. There are 617 facets to a Soul, which may sound like a lot, but it is not when Soul parts are lost again and again over time.
Ahni journeys to retrieve any soul parts that are ready to be reunited and then blows each piece back into the energy body of the client. During the whole process you will be held in a safe, sacred space – a container of love. The return of soul parts is certainly worthy of celebration as it is akin to welcoming home a long lost family member.

The benefits of a Soul Retrieval are profound. You may feel a sense of being more present in your life and it may also be that certain issues that have plagued you begin to dissipate or completely disappear.
As part of the overall process, Ahni will clean and rebalance of the major energy centers in the body, which are intrinsically linked to the functioning of the endocrine system. In the course of day to day living a person encounters negative or harmful energies or experiences when around other people and/or places. These energies can be absorbed into a person’s energy field and can affect energy levels, attitude, moods, and eventually wellness. Periodic clearing of the energy field and chakras is important for maintaining balance and good health.