Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are and what role they play in your life? Would you like to develop a more conscious relationship with them and be able to recognize when your Guides are present?

This reading will introduce you to your Spirit Guides, explain their areas of expertise and their characteristics. You will learn how they communicate with you using their unique spirit identification or signature – so you can even distinguish between them when they are present. This awareness is invaluable as it enables you to develop a closer relationship with those in the spirit world who are dedicated to helping you throughout life.

Spirit Guide readings include the following:

  • Akashic Research with Akashic Record Guides in the Fifth Dimension.

Please Note: The Akashic Research takes approximately 60 minutes and does not require ANY client participation.

  • A 60 minute consultation with client via phone/skype to explain the findings. You will also be able to ask questions and receive information from your Guides regarding your present life.
  • A recording of the entire consultation will be provided in either an MP3/CD format.