We incarnate to have the opportunity to accelerate our spiritual growth or evolve through having different life experiences. In the process, we choose certain lessons, more accurately thought of as ‘themes’, that we wish to experience to afford us the potential for growth. Themes show up in various ways in our lives. They can impact our personal life, our careers, our relationships, and often become a source of confusion, conflict, or even lack. A theme such as ‘Abundance’, for example, could be expressed as abundance or it could be expressed as lack. It is up to you as to how you choose to experience it. Understanding your particular life lessons and how they influence your life can enable you to shift attitudes and circumstances in order to create more positive experiences. These insights may also provide answers as to why certain patterns keep repeating and enable you to take charge and change them. Life Lesson Readings include the following:

  • Akashic Research with Akashic Record Guides in the Fifth Dimension
  • Energetic clearing of past negative choices and influences, leaving intact the learning experiences gained.

Please Note: The Akashic Research and Energetic clearing takes approximately 90 minutes and does not require ANY client participation.

  • A 60 minute consultation with client via phone/skype to explain the findings and clearings.   You will also be able to ask questions and receive information from your Guides regarding your present life.
  • A recording of the entire consultation will be provided in either an MP3/CD format.