At different times in life you may experience circumstances that cause great stress, unhappiness, frustration, and utter bewilderment. To make matters worse, you may feel you are powerless to bring about any resolution. In order to explore the deeper reasons for the prevailing situation and assist in putting you back in the driving seat to bring about change, a Life Situation Reading may be the perfect solution.

In this reading, much is gained from the Soul perspective and from spiritual information provided by Akashic Record Guides as well as your Guides and Sources in the Highest Realm. As crazy at it may sound, at a subconscious or unintentional level, you may be orchestrating your present-day situation in an attempt to heal something that has its origins in an earlier life. This understanding is of immense value because if you can understand why and how you created the present unwanted circumstance, you can then create a new situation you really want.

Life Situation Readings include the following:

  • Akashic Research with Akashic Record Guides in the Fifth Dimension.

Please Note: The Akashic Research takes approximately 60 minutes and does not require ANY client participation.

  • A 60 minute consultation with client via phone/skype to explain the findings and clearings.   You will also be able to ask questions and receive information from your Guides regarding your present life.
  • A recording of the entire consultation will be provided in either an MP3/CD format.