In the course of everyday life, we face challenges that can make us angry, frustrated, impatient, and feel all manner of less ‘evolved’ and unhealthy emotions. We do not choose to feel this way; yet circumstances kind of ‘get our goat’ before we know it. Since moving to Colorado, a neighbor ‘gets my goat’ and I wish she’d leave the poor thing alone!
When I lived on the mountain top in North Carolina I didn’t run into people in the course of my day. I lived and worked without anyone bothering me, and when I wanted, I took walks and chatted with neighbors. I figured it would be more of the same when I moved to Colorado, but that was not the case. Oh, we have lovely views—but, we also have a home owners association.
HOA’s were established to protect property values, but they can at times get off course when some members decide they can tell others how to live their lives. This is the circumstance we moved into and one that was probably orchestrated from my Soul level—God love it.
You see, there is a woman near us who acts nice in person, but then causes trouble in one way or another. Each time I think problems are over, I hear or experience something to the contrary. On the last occasion I was planting new plants in the garden when she seemed to appear out of nowhere, like a stealth bomber. One minute the garden was peaceful and the next, there she was casting a long shadow over it. Of course she was very nice and compassionate about my mother passing. All the while the molecules in my body were colliding like bumper cars because the pattern had been such that after being nice, something not-so-nice would follow.
I went into the house complaining to my husband who said, “Had you thought that perhaps she may have changed?” (He says living with me is going to help him achieve Archangel status.) I grumbled and went out to my car to go to the store. I was barely out of the garage when I hit my husband’s car that was parked behind the garage, damaging both! My lovely day in the garden had completely changed as of the Stealth Bomber’s visit.
That being said, I have been on the path long enough to realize I am at the point where I experience immediate karma when I do not think or act consciously. In this case, I behaved nicely in the moment, but got angry, held onto that anger, and immediately wrecked two cars.
I know I am the only person who can change my thoughts and the way I feel about her; but it is difficult. After all, I am human. So, in meditation this morning, I asked my Guides how to overcome this. They reminded me of a technique I used to employ throughout the day—and particularly when I faced challenges. It was the simple act of saying a Soul Mantra to remind me I am first and foremost a Soul—and so are all those I encounter. That Soul Mantra is:
I am my eternal soul.
My soul loves to serve.
I see the soul in others.

Saying this mantra three times a day, plus any other times I encounter a Stealth Bomber, I am reminded of who I truly am and of who they truly are—simply Souls on a journey.
Here is another mantra to try:
The Soul Mantra
I am the Soul.
I am Light Divine.
I am love.
I am will.
I am fixed Design.

(Note: This mantra was given to humanity by Master Dwjal Khul. The last line about ‘fixed design’ refers to our overall journey and purpose for this life time.)
It is important for me and you to understand there will always be challenges in life. In essence, the challenges are blessings because they afford us opportunities to grow and to become better people. They give us a chance to stop and assess what is not working, so we can make our lives better. Making our lives better, makes the world better. It’s a win-win situation. So try the Soul Mantras. They can make a difference—especially when that ole Stealth Bomber appears!