My husband Paul and I were in Lincoln, England for a brief period of time. While there, we kept saying we must get to the beautiful and historic Lincoln Cathedral. In the last few days of our visit we finally made time to do so. When we arrived I walked over to the desk to buy tickets for the tour. The woman behind the desk said I would have to wait twenty minutes. I looked over at the sign on the desk and saw the tickets for the tour were not cheap. Hmmm. I felt a little impatient because we also wanted to visit the castle, so I said to Paul, “Let’s just go through the cathedral on our own and I’ll ask Spirit to tell us what’s here.” He said okay.

The group made its way all through the main areas of the Lincoln Cathedral listening to the excellent description of its importance to the community, how it was a landmark on the landscape and could be seen for miles, and its place in history. At the conclusion, we arrived back at the main area where we had started. I was very aware she had not said anything about the throne and the tour was ending. I was a little disappointed.

Then the tour guide said, “Well, that’s the end of the tour. But I’m going to take this couple to the Chapter House to see the throne and you are all welcome to join us if you’d like.”

I was so excited!

She led us down a side hallway and through a door. Then we continued down the hallway until we reached a very large door with a smaller door within it. She opened the smaller door and invited us to enter.

When we got inside the room we found it was a‘round’ room. And there in plain sight was the throne that King Edward 11 had used. We took pictures and included one here for you to see.

What an experience it was to visit the Chapter House and to see the throne. But that was not the end of the surprises. While we were there the tour guide told us that part of the movie “The DaVinci Code” was filmed there that room. She told us about how Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and the film crew were impacted by working in that room. The room was inthe scene where the cryptex fell to the floor and cracked, causing the vinegar to destroy the information inside. I asked where the pictures where that were on the walls in the movie and she said the film crew placed those pictures in each arched offset to dress it up.We took pictures and thanked her profusely for taking the time to make our visit so extraordinary.

So, although I was a little miffed with my Spirit Guides at first, I soon understood they gave us the absolute best advice and an amazing gift of a memory we will never forget. They once more taught me to be patient and reminded me to listen and to trust. I did not have to follow the guidance because I have ‘free will’. But I did in that instance and because I did, an ordinary morning turned into a wonderful experience.