The Journey Home ~ An Allegory is the story of a boy who wants to find truth, so he goes on a journey to find it. The story is an allegory for the journey we each intend for this life time, which is to discover why we are here and what we intended to do to make a positive difference in the world. This story is suspenseful, mystical, enlightening, heart-warming, and humorous. The collection is channeled from a group in the Highest Realm known as the Guardians of Peace, an intergalactic council that includes Archangel Michael.

“Everything you want is within you. You do not have to travel anywhere or search as many do for a lifetime—always believing happiness and wisdom are somewhere else. They are not. It is all within you. So, despite what many have believed for thousands of years, the pilgrimage is not a trek along a dusty trail in a faraway place. It is right where you are—wherever that is”.