This powerful and inspirational book can change your life— and it can make leaving this world and crossing to the spiritual world the peaceful and joyful experience it should be. In a compassionate way, the angelic beings of the highest realm hold open the door to the world beyond and let you glimpse inside. They explain in detail what happens as you leave this world and describe what the spiritual world is like in the hope of lessening the fear of crossing over. They reveal there is no judgment in the Review Process and they state emphatically—you do not die. Furthermore, there is no heaven and there is no hell!

Much is written about living and dying consciously, yet much of it is based upon human speculation or faith. The only true authorities regarding the totality of what happens during and after death are God and those closest to Him. Those very angels come now in this time of great transition, difficulty, and clearing of what hasn’t worked, to unlock some of life’s greatest mysteries. They reveal how a better world will not be achieved by enacting laws or using military might. It will be accomplished by living consciously and with grace so you can evolve spiritually, which is the very reason you are here on Earth.

The God Magic Within You is the answer to many prayers for a better world, for it hands you the keys, the access and understandings, that can transform your life and the worsening condition of the world. It is time to practice compassion, live consciously, and plant seeds of kindness. The Divine Keys is the way, the compass that will lead to a new and healed world for all forms of life as well as the planet.